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London Blend

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This British Tobacco blend offers a rich and layered tobacco flavour.

Hale London Blend is a British Tobacco blend that offers a rich and layered tobacco flavour.
So why choose Hale London Blend?

    • All our ingredients are fully certified and sourced within the EU from ISO certified suppliers.

    • Furthermore, all liquids are fully registered with the EU and are fully compliant with new TPD legislation.

    • We independently test all of our liquids to ensure they are of the highest quality.

    • Our factory is one of only a few to achieve full ISO accreditation. With all pre-production testing carried out by the chemistry department in the I.T Carlow, Ireland.

    • Additionally, their eLiquid is the only vape liquid to carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol of quality.

5 Core Ingredients:

    • PG - Monopropylene Glycol (as found in inhalers).

    • VG - Vegetable Glycerine (used in foods as a sweetener).

    • Distilled water.

    • Pharmaceutical grade Nicotine (0mg contains no Nicotine).

    • Food grade safe flavouring.

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